Body Spirit Longevity Coaching Workshops

Mind, Body, Spirit Longevity Coaching. LLC and registered Nonprofit organization has been created with the intention to educate, promote and coaching all mankind toward an awareness of self.

This journey of self discovery will be a journey through the ancient methods of coaching that have evolved over thousands of years: Qi meditation ( the internal/external flow of energy), ancient wisdom/philosophy of life, Yang Sheng(nurturing life) practice and the practice of natural self healing.

Mind, Body, Spirit Longevity Coaching was founded by Dr, Helen Hu and is a not for profit corporation, organized and funded by private donations. The sole mission of which is to educate, promote and coach toward the goal of inner peace, self awareness, happiness; thereby, achieving, not only the connection of mind, body, spirit for the individual, but for all mankind.

  • Workshop 1: Cultivate inner peace, self discory, replant seeds and the Purpose of life
    • Session I: Cultivate inner peace, self discovery and learn how to walk on the bright side of life path
    • Session II: Replant seeds in the heart
    • Session III: self discovery for the purpose and passion of life
  • Workshop 2: Apply wisdom and inner peace to reality
    • Session I: Personal Growth from wisdom teaching
    • Session II: Cultivate inner peace and adaptability to diversity
    • Session III: Inner Peace and Happiness from Wisdom teaching
  • Workshop 3: Cultivate Universal Spirituality from Dao Wisdom
  • Workshop 4: Discovery body and emotions via Qi Meditation.
  • Workshop 5: Qi Nutrients from mother earth to Mind body and Spirit
  • Workshop 6: Discovery own Body constitution via Qi meditation
  • Workshop 7: Discovery individuality with mind, body and Spirit via Qi meditation

  • Workshop 8: Unifying the Ultimate inner peace and self healing

Location: Presidio Community Center 
5765 Friars Road. San Diego, CA 92110,
(Stop by the guard to ask for parking and direction)
Every Tuesday at 5-6:30pm, except the Third Tuesday of each month

Mind Body Spirit Longevity Coaching, a registered nonprofit organization found by Dr. Helen Hu will start host Mind Body Spirit Longevity Coaching through

  • Longevity Qi gong
  • Qi meditation
  • Organ Qi Balancing meditation
  • Traditional life Wisdoms and philosophy of Dao
  • Traditional Chinese medicine self healing and longevity teaching

Dr. Hu conducts her Mind Body Spirit Longevity coaching by combining TCM and Daoism with her wealth of knowledge gained during many years as a TCM doctor.  Dr. Hu’s practice focuses on Yang Sheng, or Longevity and Wellbeing, using longevity Qi gong and Qi Meditation to create a clear flow of the body’s energy while meditating.

Every session with Dr. Hu includes coaching in these methods. Each individual will discover profound inner strength, find their unique path to happiness, and gain an understanding of how to best support their specific body requirements.  Each person gains the intuitional ability to create and maintain a self-healing lifestyle filled with inner peace.

The group coaching for people from all walks of life who are looking for  happiness, inner peace and  long healthy life. Everyone gains self-knowledge during sessions focused on good health for the mind, body and spirit.  Even those with long-term emotional stress, deep feelings of guilt, a chronic health condition, or terminal illness will find enormous benefit during these sessions

There are 8 consistent sequential steps in the total coaching, and each step considered as each workshop. However, some workshops need 2-3 sections to accomplish.

How do I prepare for a coaching session?

  1. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Bring a jacket.  Wear comfortable shoes as part of the session may occur outside.
  2. Bring some water, tea or juice.  Do not bring alcoholic or carbonated beverages.
  3. Bring a pillow or pad for meditation. If you cannot sit comfortably on the floor we offer chairs, or you can bring you own chair if you prefer.

For workshop schedule in details please check

How long each section: 60-90 minutes.
Suggested donation: $20-40 per session

To contact Dr. Helen Hu:
Tel: (619) 987-6506

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Mind, Body, Spirit Longevity Coaching
Mind, Body, Spirit Longevity Coaching